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New Swimmer Assessment

Swimmer assessments for WaveRunners is scheduled for Sunday, June 27th. Please check the schedule below for your appropriate time.
The Schedule for the assessment is as follows

  • Swimmers born 2009 – 3:00pm
  • Swimmers born 2011 – 3:05pm
  • Swimmers born Jan – Mar 2012 – 3:10
  • Swimmers born Apr – Dec 2012 – 3:15
  • Swimmers born Jan – Mar 2013 – 3:20
  • Swimmers born Apr – Dec 2013 – 3:25
  • Swimmers born 2014 or later – 3:30

Due to COVID-19 regulations.

  • Participants and their parents are asked to wait outside, at the back of the building.
  • Swimmers should arrive for their specified time dressed and ready to swim  
  • A club representative will alert swimmers and parents when they are able to enter the pool.
  • The observation room is not open.
  • Parents will be able to observe their child’s swim on deck. (physical distancing and masks are required)
  • Swimmers will enter from the side entrance of the pool, nearest Blackmore road, and exit on the opposite side.
  • Swimmers are required to wear masks when not in the water.

If you have any questions please let us know.
[email protected]